I am a Christian leader with 28 years of ministry in local church and para-church organizations, serving as pastor, spiritual director, worship leader, and development officer. My wife and I live in Denver, Colorado, and have four grown children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, one granddaughter, and a little dog named Zoey.

Our combined years of ministry and life experience have given us a deeper appreciation of the depths of God’s love and grace. Because of our own experiences of deep loss, heartache, betrayal, loneliness, doubt and uncertainty, we are now able to be sit with others in the messiness of life. You could say we both know what it means to be broken as well as restored. We feel called to help others experience God’s restoration, which is why we started Restore Soul Care in 2017.

Restore Soul Care is focused on living every moment of every day with Jesus in order to fully know and fervently share God’s love. It’s about the deep work of transformation that happens when we slow our roll and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Transformation doesn’t happen in the noise and chaos of our own efforts. It happens in the pause, in the quiet, in the “selah.”

As we develop listening souls and respond to the voice of God, we become fully restored people overflowing with God’s love for the world – a people who care for the broken and defeated, a people who bring peace to the restless and anxious, a people who share the good news of Jesus in hard places, a people filled with hope and formed into the image of Christ. As children chosen and dearly loved by God, this is the rhythm of our lives:





Find rest in this sacred space, my friends.