Sunday Setlist – 8/14/11

This is the recap of our contemporary services at Academy Christian Church on August 14, 2011. You can find more setlists from other churches at The Worship Community.

Forever Reign (C) – Hillsong

I decided to start the service on a bit of a quieter/slower tempo than normal, trying to give people a little more time to ease their minds and hearts into worship.  Of course the song builds, and we did a great job at building it up as we sang “I will sing no other name – Jesus” several times and then powering through the final chorus two more times.  I thought it was very effective in both the 9:30 and 11:00 service!

Welcome and Prayer

Pastor Bryan Myers took the stage and welcomed everyone.  He introduced a representative from Emmanuel Christian Seminary who spent about 3 minutes thanking the congregation for their faithful support to the graduate school.  Bryan told everyone that Saturday the 13th was National “left-handers” day.  He is a left-hander.  His point was that he didn’t realize it was “left-handers” day until after the day was over.  He missed it!  He encouraged the congregation to realize what Sunday is for – to not miss the point of gathering together for worship and celebration with each other.

Everlasting God (A) – Brenton Brown

I love this song as it reflects on one of my favorite verses of all time (Isaiah 40:31).  I used a capo and played the song in the key of G.  That way I could play the intro lick on my acoustic guitar.  Our people still love this song and sing it out really strong!

The Lost are Found (B) – Hillsong

This is off the new Hillsong Live album “God is Able.”  It is our second week to sing it.  The piano lick in this song is awesome.  It’s only 6 notes but it adds just the right touch to the bridge and the instrumental sections.  I’m not sure yet whether or not this song is going to “stick.”  It’s really easy to sing, though.  I’ll give it another shot in a couple weeks.

Jesus Paid it All (B) – Passion

This song just works!  I raised the key up to “B” for the first time.  I like it so much more in this key!  The key of “A” is just pitched too low for my tenor voice.  I used a capo and played in “G” which made the walking bass line work when I started the song on my acoustic.  The band really did a great job on dynamics on this song…in both services.

Communion & Offering

Trading My sorrows (A) – Darrell Evans

I haven’t done this song in a long time!  But it totally rocked.  The people stood back up and were incredibly engaged in singing and praising God.


Our pastor came back up on stage to do the announcements and segue into his message.  This week we had two different announcements that required lay people from the congregation to come up on stage and speak for a couple minutes each.  This took too long, in my opinion.  But it doesn’t happen like this every week.  So we do what we need to do in situations like this – we live with it!  Part of our Sunday morning experience is a gathering of the “family” after a busy and stressful week.  There are things we need to communicate so that our family can fully engage with each other.  Sometimes it takes a couple minutes and sometimes it takes a few more.  That’s just the busy life of the church…

Message – Pastor Bryan Myers

We started a three-week sermon series entitled “Faithful With Much.”  Pastor Myers started the series off with a sermon entitled “Faithful.”  It is a stewardship series but it goes beyond simply giving of our money.  At the end of the message, Bryan Myers asked us to draw a line in the sand and commit to being faithful with our lives and our families and our finances.  It’s not how you start, but how you finish, that really matters.

Find Us Faithful

This is the old Steve Green song.  I sang played it by myself on Acoustic Guitar in the key of “E.”  The challenge with this song was how outdated the melody sounded.  I knew I didn’t want to buy the accompaniment track as we really never use those anymore in our contemporary services.  So playing it on acoustic guitar afforded me the chance to give it a bit of a “coffeehouse” feel.  It still sounded about 20 years old, but it was better.  The words were on the screen.  Bryan asked people to stand when they determined in their heart that they would be faithful to the end.  After the song was over, people were dismissed.

I thought the morning went great!  The band did a great job with dynamics – building the songs up really strong and bringing them back down when necessary.  We had a 5-piece band: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Electric, Bass Guitar, Drums, and piano.  I told the guys at the beginning of rehearsal on Thursday that my goal was for us to sound as close to a 4-piece band as possible.  In other words, everybody really think hard about playing less and leaving lots of space.  At first it seemed like my speech backfired because we were really lacking dynamics on Thursday night.  I don’t think we know how to build dynamics without all playing at 100%.  The problem is that 5 instruments at 100% each really equal about 500%.  The goal is to get all five instruments to total 100%.  I thought we achieved our goal on Sunday.  I also need to mention that we had two background singers – Brittany Franklin sang alto (always a great job) and Nick Shwarz, our lead guitar player, sang some tenor.  It was really awesome.  Our sound guy, Jonathan Crowe, did an amazing job yet again!  Great job, team!  And thanks, ACC FAMILY, for worshiping with all your heart, soul, mind and strength yesterday.  It was truly a joy and a blessing to worship with all of you.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist – 8/14/11

  1. There are some great songs on the new Hillsong album. I’m looking at doing “God Is Able”, “With Us” and “The Lost Are Found”. Great set!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jeremiah! I’ll check out “With Us”. Definitely agree about “God is Able” (the song and the album are both good). I’m also doing “The Difference” off that album at our men’s retreat next weekend. Practiced it with the band and got a major “thumbs up”!

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